The Secret Weapon for Spiritual Entrepreneurs:
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Transform your digital presence with ease using our stunning, niche-specific stock imagery and templates created by spiritual entrepreneurs for spiritual entrepreneurs.

Hey there, magical entrepreneur!

Whether you’re a tarot reader, energy healer, spiritual coach, or in another niche within the spiritual entrepreneurship universe, I know you’ve poured your heart and soul into building a business that nurtures and uplifts others, and makes you feel fulfilled and excited about your journey.

But let me guess… creating a visually stunning online presence that truly aligns with the essence of your brand and helps you stand out from the crowd hasn’t been easy, right?

You’ve spent countless hours searching for the perfect stock images and designing social media graphics, only to feel like something’s still missing….

Welcome to The Enchanted Realm

Imagine having a photographer, artist, and digital designer combined at your service, consistently conjuring up fresh awe-inspiring content just for you…

Stunning Spiritual Imagery

What if there was a place where you could effortlessly unearth enchanting images that fit your brand and fuel your creative fire?

You’ve Found the Treasure Trove!

If you’re tired of searching for a source for gorgeous images that truly resonate with your spiritual brand vibes, Mystic Stock Shop has you covered!

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Moons, Mystics, and Midnight Stars, Witches with Candles whisper from afar...
Circle-casting, Sabbats’ sparks,
In Night’s embrace, the Magic starts!

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Whether you’re looking for imagery that fits a mysterious, dreary, haunting “Dark Academia” style…

Dreamy, ethereal, astral themed imagery…

Cozy “Cottage Core” vibes…

Or imagery with a “witchy” flair…

Mystic Stock Shop has you covered! All of the images you see above, and so many more, are waiting for you inside The Vault, our VIP all-access Membership.

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Just $17 Per Month – Unlimited Downloads – Simple Licensing Terms

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Thanks to Mystic Stock Shop, I’ve saved tons of time and I’ve enhanced the image of my business. Highly recommended for any spiritual entrepreneur!
Kirsten J.
Salem, MA

As well as…

And more!

Just $17 Per Month – Unlimited Downloads – Simple Licensing Terms

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Just $17 Per Month – Unlimited Downloads – Simple Licensing Terms

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We offer very simple and standard licensing of our images. This means you can use them just about anywhere you can think of, including:

  • Your website, landing pages, or blog posts
  • All social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and X
  • In your courses, memberships, or other programs you offer to clients
  • Lead magnets and opt-ins
  • In videos for YouTube and other platforms
  • Social media advertising
  • Presentations or Webinars
  • Backgrounds for your Zoom meetings
  • Background images or “wallpaper” for your devices

You are welcome to alter the images to your liking, such as adding overlays, cropping, rotating, collaging, adding text, resizing/upscaling them, etc.

What you may NOT do with our images is:

  • You may not resell the image files as your own or include them in a membership of any type. You must create a product of some kind using the images first.
  • You may not use them to create NFT’s.
  • You may not trademark the images. Mystic Stock Shop retains the copyright on all images.
  • You may not continue to use the images for items for resale without an active membership with Mystic Stock Shop.

Please be sure to read our Terms of Use and Buyer Agreement page to understand fully how you’re allowed to use our images.

Nope! Our images are royalty free so you don’t need to credit us when using them. We love to see what creative ways our members are using our imagery, so if you’d like to tag us in your posts on Instagram you can do so @Mystic.StockShop – We’d love to see what you’re creating!

Of course! We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. However, due to the downloadable nature of our imagery, we have a strict no-refund policy on all purchases, including renewals

You can cancel your membership at any time in your “Membership Account” area. Please note that you will immediately lose access to your membership area upon cancellation.

Please Note there are restrictions on the amount of images you may download in the first 30 days and terms you must agree to if you cancel within the first 30 days. For complete clarity on this question, please make sure you THOROUGHLY read our Terms of Use and Buyer Agreement page.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to drop us some magical mail to before purchasing a membership.

Absolutely! Just upload the desired image(s) to Canva to add them to your projects, or to edit accordingly for your intended use.

Nope! Once you’ve locked in your membership price it will never increase as long as your membership stays active and in good standing.

If you cancel your membership and would like to join again at a future date, your membership will begin anew at whatever the current monthly membership rate is at that time.